Bar Designing

Create a more entertaining environment in your home, with our attractive and functional bar designs. A bar in your home will be a focal point friends and family are sure to talk about and enjoy. Building it yourself, is likely to add another dimension to conversation and fun. These easy to build bars are designed to make tending a pleasure. You may even discover guests wanting their own turn to serve behind your bar. Relax with friends, Throw a party, serve drinks, or a buffet, or just share a meal. A home bar can add greatly to home entertainment.

Bar Consultancy

* What Bar Academy of Doon offer is to put systems in place to allow your bar to be successful in the future
* Introduction of high quality standard operating procedures, Staff standards & training manuals.
* Updating of Beverage & Cocktail lists.
* Evaluation of the strengths & the weaknesses of your venue in comparison to your competition.
* Introducing new innovations to keep you at the head of the market.
* One of the most essential elements in creating a successful venue is to make your venue female friendly.
* For this reason having the right Cocktails & Wines in your venue is of vital importance Bar Academy of Doon will ensure that the back of house systems are smooth for operations. We will also make recommendations on future improvements. You are running a business & it is essential that you have effective

* Cost control
* Rostering
* Wastage control
* Ordering
* Manpower
* Communications
* Stock control