Bar Academy of Doon is No 1 leading Bartending Institute of India which emphasis on building career of students through our shorter and Job Oriented Courses not they save your time, money but these courses also provide a platform to work as a professional Bartender according to your area of interest. Bar Academy of Doon not only targets Professional personnel working in various industry but our institute also gives opportunity to fresher who want to make their career in Bartending. Bar Academy of Doon teaches you so much more than pouring drinks; Our bartending courses also cover specialized customer service. The Bartending Institute is dedicated to thorough, professional training of individuals who wish to enter the bartending field. Our comprehensive and up-to-date program provides understanding of both alcoholic beverages and the ingredients used to mix those beverages.In addition, our students are well versed in the proper mixing of cocktails, wine and beer service,

Great Value for Money

Start your career as a successful bartender with the help of Bar Academy of Doon(Dehradun). Our exclusive bartending Institute offers hands-on training on how to mix the best drinks and provide extraordinary customer service, either. We place each of our students in a simulated bar atmosphere, complete with ambient sounds and music. Our goal is to fully prepare you to work in any bar or restaurant. Our bartending training courses teach you how to make the perfect drink, stick to the recipe, work quickly and efficiently, and remain consistent in your quality. Consistency is incredibly important in bartending.

Silent Features Bar Academy of Doon

* Bartending License
* Alcohol Awareness Certification (T.A.M.I)
* Resume building assistance
* Interview Coaching
* Unlimited job placement assistance
* Unlimited refresher course Books
* Bartenders Kit